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People, Group, School, Auburn (About 1942

People, Group, School, Auburn (About 1942

Grover School Picture (1942):

Positive Identification:
Bottom Row (L-R): Boyd Woodson West (2nd from left)

Only some of the remaining individuals are identified.
Row 1 Theron Eggleston, Laverne Smith, Ellen Nield, Rena Hale, Clinton Oakley Alton Leavitt
Row 2: Charles Lewis, Leroy Blacker, Harold Papworth, Percy Christopherson, Newell Gardner
Row 3: John Wollenzien, Lester Nield, Marvin Rich, Ted Jewell, Edgar W. Call, Edgar A. Call
Row 4: Jean Wollenzien, Hattie Hale, Minnie Crawford, Maggie Crawford, Elsie Burton, Izora Hale, Albert Ruthford
Row 5 Rose Anglesey, Cora Leavitt, Maud Cook, Ern Gardner
Row 6: Ira Leavitt, Jenny Lewis, Thelma Papworth.
Others that would be on this picture:
Veda Miles, Louine Yeaman, Leone Hale, May Williamson, Stewart Burton, Miss Jones (teacher)
Identified by Harold Papworth
Submitted by Blanche Gardner