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The Lincoln County Historical Societies website is sponsored by the Star Valley Historical Society. Included herein are historical and genealogical items from the Cokeville, Kemmerer and Star Valley regions of Lincoln County, Wyoming plus the Bear Lake region of Idaho. Seen here is the database server (backend) of the website. To see the site in its entirety, go to "".

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Guestbook for Lincoln County Historical Societies
Ed Packer(non-registered)
Has anyone got any information (Records, Photo's, former Employees) on the Circle "F" Restaurant that at one time (Still may be) located just north of Afton and right next to the Saw Mill. Was owned and operated by the Flygare family (Edward, Vivienne) in the 50's, 60's, and 70's?
Kaetchen (Peterson) Schaefer(non-registered)
I am a great granddaughter of Harold Henry Harrison. This website is a marvelous resource for learning about my family's history. Thank you for compiling the record and making it available!
Bruce Michael Snell(non-registered)
I am a Great Grandson of Bruce Gardner. As a young boy, I got to spend my summers with my Grand parents, the Roy Gardner's. I've always loved the Star Valley, and I appreciate the time and energy that has gone into this site.
Milton Marcus LOWREY(non-registered)
Thanks again. I found two Marriage Licenses.
Chuck Lloyd(non-registered)
Really enjoy this
The guestbook is empty.